teaching duties dissolve

return from Surama to breezy Bina Hill

still no teacher

i accidentally teach a class, mostly just review of past work

                they test me a bit, seem tired

then sit with powers that be

to discuss how to keep teaching & yet get my own work done

                this elusive Thesis Proposal

the plan for my research

                another gate

the young toshao understands

he is trying to balance his own graduate studies with many duties at home

                like being the Principal here

together with Bina Hill’s manager we agree to a plan

                hours later the AWOL teacher comes back

                                our plan means nothing now

because the power is not held by the job title one expects here

the Principal of the school did not appoint this teacher

now has to accept her back as if the past 2 monhts of no teaching

               never happened.

the political situation is usually the missing piece for me

who really exerts power here?

trying to figure this out is exhausting and enlightening

to this confused outsider

                it seems so much unnecessary struggle and effort

due to petty politics.

vibrant connections used to divide rather than attain a common goal.

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