Surama: rainbow land

Bird watchin’ at 6am

“Wanna climb Surama mountain to a look-out?”


“Who would like to climb the mountain with Miss Julie?”

pause, then one hand goes up, then all

a few mangoes later,

a rabble of children and us three adults set off

through green forest web

chased by spider monkeys tossing down branches

to look out over charming Surama

and many surrounding mountains

steep descent back onto savannah

then to misguided wildlife sanctuary

where the puma paces

hope he is released soon

capuchin monkey presses his back to the mesh to be petted

clivlin, the young tapir, & me hang out

we rub his itchy spots and make sure

he keeps his teeth to himself, sharp below dexterous nose

a few token paddles on the farine parching

i do battle with coconuts for lunch, inefficient deliciousness

i leave a brief check-in with The Net

to be greeted by a rainbow

it crystallizes into a full ark partially doubled, slightly lighter the sky above the forest under the rainbow

rain hits, but low sun still shines through leaves

all sparkles,

light & water, sun & rain.

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