Save Beaver Pond Forest Rally at City Hall 13 January @Noon

This is a rally to demand that the City of Ottawa, National Capital Commission (NCC), or Province of Ontario step up and do their job: order Urbandale/KNL to prevent all cutting and blasting of the Beaver Pond Forest at least until spring. This is for ecological, archaeological, cultural and humane reasons. All levels of government could halt development based on new evidence that the archaeological assessment needs to be redone. But the City isn’t taking responsibility. The province isn’t taking responsibility. The NCC isn’t taking responsibility. So we are going directly to City Hall and the NCC to remind them that the greed of one company should not trump the long-term Public Good.  It is their job to make the City of Ottawa a better place to live.  For us now, and for future generations. 

We need to convince them it is better for everyone that they spare the most ecologically sensitive part of Ottawa.  They must respect the requests of the local community and Algonquin communities to do a full archeological assessment of possible medicine wheels and artifacts.

– 12pm (noon): Assemble at Human Rights Monument at City Hall
– statements will be read, hard copies of letters and petitions delivered, songs shared.  Exact schedule TBA.

– Bring your own signs, we also have some made which will be used in a subsequent Activist Art show (first come, first serve ;-)

– Bring hardcopies of your letters to City Council and NCC.  We will ask the Mayor to come out to receive them!

– Be musical (bring instruments & noisemakers!)
– Main Message to City Hall, NCC, & Province: Take Responsibility! Do the Right Thing: Stop Urbandale from Cutting or Blasting Beaver Pond Forest

Location: google maps
On the Forest:

Details on inadequate environmental assessment & storm water management plans: specific page

Community voices:


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