running towards dawn

Waking up at 4:50am to run was not as excruciating as I thought it would be. The knock on my wooden window came promptly at 5am “Miss, Miss, you coming Miss???” I mumbled some inarticulate assent and stumbled out.

It was dark. Spectacular stars, yes. Enough light to see where the heck I was going, no.  But I ran. I kept a girl in view, almost the only form I could see.

“You’re all crazy,” I hissed. They just laughed.

“Crazy, crazy, CRAZ-Eeee!!”

Hitting a puddle shut me up. I learned to recognize the slight gleam to avoid other ones. And soon all was good, only sounds our feet hitting the ground, our breath, some birds and bugs. Only stars above and faint outlines of fellow runners near me and mountains far away. And I just had to trust my feet to keep going one step in front of the other, and that this would carry me to the unseen but known destination: the junction with the main Road.

We paused at the junction, stretched a little and back we ran to the compound. Then onwards to the Big Benab (round structure with an Ité palm thatch roof) where the Bina Hill students get their classes. We took over the main room to stretch and exercise. After a few stretches lead by a student, they put me on the spot, they wanted to do some capoeira and yoga stretches. I threw in some nasty abs for good measure.

Then they went off  to work in the garden. Which is why they get up so early to exercise.  Sure it’s dark, but the temperature is right, and they have to get to work in the garden by 6am, so this is how they squeeze in some training. I went up to the second floor of the Benab to do sun salutations, literally, since I could face the dawn. And watch the panorama view of the savannah and distant mountains come to light.

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