return to Bina Hill in minibus

i love road trips

burnt patches of savannah

grass clings, springs, from little islands of soil,

gives green shock

rest washed away?

through Kwaimatta

snag cassava bread that wil need another day

to dry in sun.

in Massara we pause at store

two birds in separate tiny cages

i ask abou them, wish i could set them free

want to interefere but it would probably sow ill will

better to just ask my questions now and dream of future


either bird free or cage bigger with birds together

i tread balance between learning and influencing

but they are inseparable anyway

heizenberg uncertainty principle

we impact what we observe

brown capuchin hesitates on road

then near head on collision with truck

the bollywood music plays on

then an environmental song about Guyana

gotta get it!

now honking to move herd of cattle off road

they don’t hurry.

into back country

some kids still swimming so won’t join us now.

tape back to Akon’s “wish i could keep you much longer”

keep me longer where?

i wonder as we pull up to Bina Hill,

and familiar smiles.

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