rainforest paradise

There was so much to do before getting on to the big Intraserve bus to make my way back to the North Rupununi.  My last time in was 16hrs in the back of a Bedford truck with 12 other victims and all our gear.  So really, anything would be better.

Unlike everything else on Guyanese Flex Time, the Intraserve bus actually left early, 8:30pm instead of 9pm!  Less than half full, so J, Iwokrama’s Tourism manager, and I were able to take over two seats each.  I still didn’t sleep much.  I was surprised how much of the rainforest I could see out the window, those headlights are amazing!

Iwokrama Field Station is AWESOME, river, trees, birds… we were greeted around 8am by a fabulous view from the main building, bakes for breakfast, friendly folks…. In short, a rainforest paradise.

J took me on a short hike in the rainforest next to the Field Station that afternoon, which finished by the dock.  And there was Shankir, Iwokrama’s three legged “pet” black caiman.  At 12 feet long, he is not to be trusted.

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