Love Always

my favourite picture with My Edna

realized last night

just before 11pm

it was 6 months since My Edna died.

                maybe helps explain lethargic day

                feeling unsettled

                that i should do something else

                mind wandering away from work

my matches won’t light

                too damp & old

i imagine warm candlelight

the healing image i use

                to honour & remember her love and the light that shone from her

and promise myself I will light a candle for her in the morning

so now the small candle burns

                despite the breezy rainy day

I talk about her & share pictures with friends here

                it helps

but i long for my loved ones in Ottawa & Georgetown & Washington

                no net

                can’t get through by the phone

                but love is boundless & borderless

i feel their love & her love with me always.

My Edna put it more eloquently in her sign off

                in every card to me:

Love Always,

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