back to Boa Vista

Brazil, por que?  why do you taunt me so?

5 days ago: no capoeira, no acai, only dark chocolate to show for

30 hour trip,

12 hrs of it hot dusty travel

passport issue not solved

lucky to not be charged

for accidentally leaving the country “illegally”

which is what everyone does if they pass the Guyana/Brazil border between 7pm & 7am

the “proper way”

may not be the best way

proven today

this time I get to stamp out of Guyana

but 4 Makushi delegates must turn back


so they didn’t know they needed a passport or letter of invitation


they could have been separated from those of us with passports

and driven through, no problem.

like my previous visit to Boa Vista

i get sick

can’t connect with capoeiristas

get lost

but get chocolate AND acai

so better than last time.

and will stamp back into Guyana

with stay extended to 7 April

staying longer in the Rupununi

avoiding  Georgetown red tape

makes this week of too much travel

worth it.

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