Samples for The Leap Digital Lead

Here are three samples of my work.

Faith Is Peace Walk, 23 June 2017
I lead a small team of non-indigenous ally volunteers to organize the 23 June 2017 Faith Is Peace walk under the direction of Elder Albert Dumont and Grandmother Jane Chartrand. I handled all the social media to promote the walk. Here is a blog post I wrote to encourage attendance:

Campaign to Release Marlene Carter from Seclusion, February to March 2016
I organized a campaign in collaboration with Elder Albert Dumont to get Marlene Carter released from “seclusion” (solitary confinement). Marlene is a Cree woman with mental health challenges who was being held for months on end in seclusion. I organized two rallies and provided all the social media support for these rallies and a letter-writing campaign. I also coordinated the posting of a video shot and edited by a volunteer of one rally, and a campaign to send Marlene encouraging cards from supporters. Here is one article I wrote to support the campaign, based on an earlier press release:

Reconciliation River Video, October 2015
Known in English as the Chaudière Falls, the falls and nearby islands have been sacred to the Anishinabe (Algonquin) and other Indigenous Peoples since time immemorial. The video seeks to show the beauty of the land and waters of this sacred place. The song urges the return of Akikodjiwan to Anishinabe stewardship. The video has been used by the “Free the Falls” group as an entry point for new supporters, and to support various petitions, events, and actions. I update the video’s description and links as needed to support efforts to reclaim this sacred place and protect it from a proposed condo project.